Museum Gift Shop

Redland's Hidden Secret for Gifts!

There is an exciting new look to the Historical Glass Museum Gift Shop with its array of fine collectibles and unique gifts for young and old.

Let's start with the children's items. You will find sets of children's miniature glass dishes in the Depression style. These rare finds come in green, pink, and gold krystal. Another attraction is our colorful collection of bagged marbles in a variety of glass styles such as carnival glass, slag glass, and spotted glass varieties. Each net bag has instructions on how to play a game of marbles. These give youth interest in glass which can be transferred to appreciation in the collection at the museum and build interest for the future.

For those who have an interest in contemporary styles, there is our CJK Blown Glass collection by artist Charles Keeling. There is also a selection of Scandinavian glass pieces and colorful mid-century modern vases and decanters. Those of you who prefer retro era decor will find an authentic variety of items in our shelf area titled: "Retro Memories".

Our Fenton Art Glass section has been an ongoing success for collectors and visitors seeking "that special gift that is sure to please." We are on an ongoing quest to bring "fresh finds" to keep our customers happy.

Visit this site often, as we periodically have 30% off sales in the Gift Shop. They offer you a chance to buy some nice gifts for friends, family (or yourself).

The Gift Shop is open during Museum Hours: 12 noon to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.